Money Collection Permit 

National Police Board’s Money Collection Permit RA/2022/1497

The Money Collection Permit was granted to the Finnish Refugee Council on 07.09.2017.
The permit is valid during 01.01.2018–31.12.2022 throughout Finland, except for Åland. 

The funds raised will be used to support refugees and migrants in Finland and abroad during 2018–2022. 

The funds raised will be used for development cooperation abroad, such as literacy, entrepreneurship, and vocational training for refugees and returnees. In Finland, the funds are used to promote the integration of refugees, migrants, and immigrants as well as to carry out advocacy, global education, and communication. 

The funds can also be used to support the work of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in crisis areas and acute global refugee situations. 

The funds may be used for supporting the purposes above, and the administrative costs of the licensee, insofar as the costs directly serve the general interest purposes of the funds raised.